Amy Zasadny is a certified Pilates instructor, lifelong dancer and sought-after celebrity trainer. She works out of Bodyline in Beverly Hills, in addition to multiple studios throughout the Los Angeles area, and is often found at her clients houses for exclusive one-on-one intensive sessions. Her fun, high-energy, individually tailored workouts are the result of her many years in the fitness genre and her decade-long training in Pilates. She consistently updates and modifies her sessions with new and exciting maneuvers derived from workshops and classes that she takes to stay as current and complete as possible. All of this to bring you a better, more enjoyable and, most importantly, a sustainable exercise routine that will improve your body and spirit and help you achieve the flexibility and strength you’ve always desired.

Prior to finding her calling, Amy danced professionally throughout the world, be it Chicago, New York or China. Finally settling in Los Angeles, she discovered a “new” exercise called Pilates and immediately recognized the joy and power it could impart. Thus began her career, starting with teaching mat classes and working her way to full certification and private sessions with some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Regardless of who she trains, they always receive the very best she has to offer. Her years of experience have brought a wide range of clients; pregnant women, cancer survivors, seniors, teenagers, movie stars and stuntwomen. Each new client benefits from the diversity of her past and present clientele and inspires Amy to create a unique set of exercises that will help them achieve their individual goals.