“Ten years and three pregnancies into our relationship, I feel confident in saying that there is no better Pilates instructor in the United States of America, or indeed all of North America, than Amy Zasadny.”
Jennifer Garner

"With her bubbly personality, dance background and Pilates expertise, Amy is the best teacher I have ever worked with. I will be a dedicated client forever"
Rachel Nichols

“Amy is such a professional with the most warm, friendly easy manner. It is a joy to be there every time, and I can see my body changing before my eyes!”
Anne Archer

"I have trained in Pilates with Amy for over 6 years and can't imagine not having her as a major part of both my exercise routine and life. She is flexible, fun, warm and knowledgeable. She designs each lesson according to how both my mood and body feel that day. Amy is thorough without being annoying and professional without being boring. She knows her Pilates! I highly recommend Amy for anyone interested in a good, fun, successful Pilates work out."
Kathy Najimy

“I trained with Amy through two pregnancies- right up until the day I delivered- safely and effectively. I truly believe that my sessions with her helped contribute to the quick deliveries and fast recovery afterwards. Thanks to Amy, I got my pre-pregnancy body back better than ever!”
Monique Lhuillier

"In the five years that I have been training with Amy, I stand taller, have more muscle tone, increased flexibility, and less aches and pains. She is very accommodating to my hectic schedule, always making sure that I don't miss my much needed sessions. Not to mention Amy is refreshing and fun! I always leave feeling calmer and more uplifted, ready to take on the rest of my day."
Debbie Liebling, Producer

"I have trained in Pilates with Amy for many years and she is very attentive to what my body is feeling on each particular morning, designing a workout specific to my changing needs. I have had a few injuries and Amy has safely and successfully worked me out through all of them. She is a lot of fun, and the hour goes very quickly. Most importantly she is an honorable young woman and I'm lucky to know her."
Danette Herman, Producer